Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I’m Wing, a little programmer who work whenever & wherever I can. People asks why am I working so hard? My answer is “I’m a code monkey which love coding and can’t stop working on something new”.

Currently I’m living in Southwest England,  doing a computing & games development course in Plymouth University for my degree. I used to work as I full time developer in a office but now I’m working as a freelancer. I usually work on mobile apps development and backend server programming but often work on some front-end stuffs like web design as well.

As I said, I love coding, I love to work on new programming languages which looks more elegant and have better performance. I’m using on Node.js for an NGO’s project and Node.js has been the 1st choice for my own projects for a while. You can checkout my projects on my GitHub profile if you’re interested. (There aren’t much documents for the projects though)

Apart from coding, I love photography (not claiming myself as a photographer; too far away for me to be there) . I do lots of street photography, no matter in my hometown, in the place I’m living, or in the cities I’m travelling, I snaps a lot. I take photos in my daily life as well, just not as much as I do on streets. I’m using digital and film cameras, enjoying the fun of both worlds. You can find me on Flickr & Instagram if you’d like to check them out. It’ll be nice if you can follow me =]

* I’m looking for a job or a year long placement offer in Europe/UK/US from June/July 2017. Free feel contact me if you’re interested in my work and would like to give me and offer. I’d appreciate it if you can consider to give me a chance.

This Blog

Devtography – The name of this blog means development + photography. I’m posting blogposts about development and photography on this blog. The reason for this is just because I’m lazy enough to not building 2 separate sites. Just kidding, I’ve been thinking about how to get my coding and photography skills work together, as I’m building a new

I’m planing to post some step by step guides which I’ve done successfully, some develop notes and updates of my projects for the development part. And for the photography, there’ll be my throughts on the gears I’ve used, logs for my trips, high resolution photos taken by myself (free for non-commerical use under CC 3.0 license) and whatever things related to photography. Actually these are just in plans, and usually things won’t always stick in my plan. So my posts could be whatever topics as long as I think they are worth to be posted.

Last but not least, this blog is a sandbox to me at this moment as it’s still in very beginning stage. There aren’t many contents and the theme isn’t fully customised yet.With that being said, I’ll try whatever I want to experiment/implement here, means that this blog maybe down if I’ve done anything wrong. So, don’t be surprised if you can’t reach this blog, it’ll be up again once I’ve fixed the errors.

P.S. Please let me know if this blog is down for more than a day. Most likly my web server is down and I don’t know about it in that case. Thanks.