Changing the domain of a WordPress site

As my old domain “” has been expired on 13th this month, I’ve planned to give up that domain and brought a new one for my new website – Devtography, which is the site you’re on now. With that being said, I need to change my domain settings to get my servers respond on the new domain.

Getting the my servers respond on the new domain was easy, just replace my old domain with the new one in the DNS records and that was it. But the story wasn’t the same when it comes to WordPress. There are a few steps to do in order to let it works on the new domain. Here I’ll show you how did I get it works.

First, don’t rush to change your Nginx config. Your WordPress won’t work if you’ve changed your Nginx config to your new domain at this point. Instead, go to your WordPress dashboard and click “Settings” -> “General”.


In this page, you’ll find 2 fields, which are “WordPress Address (URL)” & “Site Address (URL)”. Put down your new URL into both fields. You won’t be able to access your posts and pages if you didn’t put your new URL in “Site Address (URL)” like me.

Your WordPress is now working on your domain. You can skip the following steps if you don’t have the Jetpack connected. But if you have it connected to your site, you need to reconnect them in order to let accesses your site.


You may face the “Network request failed” error if you’re trying to disconnect the Jetpack after you’ve changed the domain.


The other way to disconnect the Jetpack is simply deactivate the Jetpack plugin in the “Plugins” panel. Reactivate it, get back to the “Jetpack” panel, reconnect the Jetpack and you’re good to go.

That’s it. I hope you find this tutorial is useful for you. Leave a comment below if you have any question. And I’ll see you in my next article.

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